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Great Neck New York Matrimonial & Family Law Attorney

Great Neck New York Matrimonial & Family Law Attorney

Matrimonial & Family Law Attorney

Alexander D. Nirenstein LLC is a law firm in Great Neck New York devoted exclusively to the practice of matrimonial and family law with a reputation for high-caliber legal representation. Our main goal is to achieve the best results for our clients as efficiently as possible.

Mr. Nirenstein is a first-rate divorce and family law attorney with an impressive professional background who provides top-quality work. Mr. Nirenstein strives to achieve a satisfying resolution to your case with a minimum of expense and frustration. He balances thorough knowledge of and experience in divorce and family law with exemplary personal service.

"I work closely with my clients to resolve concerns and relieve anxiety while at the same time, developing practical well thought out solutions designed to achieve client-stated goals in an efficient and cost-effective manner. "

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